Ultimate Guide for hosting a Biryani Party

Ultimate Guide for hosting a Biryani Party

Are you a Biryani lover? Do you have friends who are Biryani lovers? If yes, then you must want to/love to host Biryani parties. A Biryani party is a Biryani lover’s ultimate stress-buster—be it organising it or attending one! It is an opportunity for several Biryani lovers to amalgamate at a place for sharing their passion—Biryani—and revelling in it! Biryani is food for the soul, it is the elixir of life, and the love for Biryani is unconditionally boundless!

A great Biryani party needs some essential things for making it a super-duper success! Listed here are the following five elements of a Biryani party which you must have, to make it the ultimate Biryani party!

1. Delicious and tantalising Biryani!
The ultimate Biryani party’s most essential element is gastronomic delight, which can be attained only through a generous helping of the most mouth-watering Biryani! You can choose the style of Biryani to serve—Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata style, Dindigul style, or any other you like, but ensure that the Biryani you offer is of the most superior quality, prepared by the most experienced hands, with the best ingredients available and cooked in the most tedious and authentic way.

The aroma of the Biryani should entice guests from at least a 100 m away, bringing in more people than invited! And you must fall short of the quantity of the Biryani you serve—the Biryani has to be to die for! People must gorge on the Biryani till the trousers, skirts, salwars, and petticoats threaten to mutiny against the gluttony of the people. There should not be any voices heard at the party—the only sounds to be heard should be of the people burping!
A great Biryani makes for a great Biryani party! This is a no-brainer, really.

2. Starving guests!
Make the Biryani party a whole day affair. Let guests come in in the morning, entice them with the intoxicating fragrance of the spices and the meat or veggies and make them hungrier by the hour! Then, when they will be ready to eat you up from diabolical pangs of hunger, serve them pot hot Biryani with a large hand on a large plate. The scene should suddenly transform from the Parliament in session to a board exam room. Do ensure that you invite all members of a family and don’t leave out any for in return you too may miss out of some awesome Biryani in the future! And that will be an inconceivable loss!

3. Accompaniments are a must!
Keep ample quantities of accompaniments ready with the Biryani to suit different palates—salads, raita, aerated drinks, kebabs, papads, etc. You don’t want your guests to see you as a miser. A Biryani lover and host of a Biryani party is expected to be the most generous person on this planet. Be philanthropic. You don’t want to make the party dull and the people tetchy, do you?

4. Pack some Biryani!
Ensure you not only serve people at the party but also keep take-away packets of Biryani for them! This will help maximise their happiness and satisfaction and make your party the ultimate Biryani party in town. They will never bad-mouth you and be your loyal comrades till the end of time. They will bless you so much that your kitchen and tummy will never run out of Biryani!

5. Repeat invitations and the party!
Only when you repeat the invitations and re-host another Biryani party before they can digest their last bite, will your party be touted as the best and the most loved Biryani party ever! People need reinforcement of beliefs and that will happen if they visit you again and again and again for your sensational Biryani!

The ultimate Biryani party, therefore, needs mind-blowing Biryani and more ardent Biryani lovers!


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