So, what does set one apart? The common characteristics of every Biriyani lover

So, what does set one apart? The common characteristics of every Biriyani lover

If there is one food dish, which gets insatiable attention in this country, it is the Biriyani. Biriyani is not just food, it is a religion by itself! A dish that is both spiritual and orgasmic at the same time? Oh, yes! Biriyani lovers can spend every day of their lives devoted to devouring this beautiful pot of colour, aroma, and taste! After all, isn’t biriyani quite often the topic of animated discussions in social groups – where we debate about the authentic style of preparing a biriyani, the best biriyani destinations, share recipes or even dwell over the history of how the Mughals or Nizam’s savoured the biriyani.

Whether we like the Lucknowi dum pukht style or the peppery dindigul style, if one is a Biriyani lover, refusing a Biriyani will be nothing short of blasphemy!

So what are the characteristics that sets a Biriyani lover apart from the standard foodie? Here are 9 quick ways to differentiate one from the rest:

The word ‘Biriyani’ is a Miracle
The word ‘Biriyani’ makes his or her eyes twinkle and mouth open in a wide O astonishment! Then it rapidly makes way for incessant verbatims on love for Biriyani, knowledge on the subject (whether is able to cook or not), where to find the best Biriyani in town, and then dragging the person who had initially happened to mention ‘Biriyani’ to the same eateries right then even if they had just concluded having a meal! A Biriyani lover’s love for Biriyani is insatiably uncontrollable.

The aroma of ‘Biriyani’ acts as tear gas
A whiff of Biriyani in the air is enough to make an otherwise seemingly uninterested person suddenly excited and emotional, compelling him or her to terminate further plans for the day, and drag the Biriyani lover to its ensnaring lair from whence there is no early return.

There is only 1 item on the Menu–Biriyani
He or she only and always orders Biriyani (if the dish is available on the menu), not even deigning to bestow their glance on other lesser palatable dishes. Some may choose to not eat anything else at all! And they may insist you eat the same!

No compromises with the Biriyani
They will fight for a missing potato or egg in Kolkata style Biriyani or complain about the dum not being done well enough in the Lucknowi style. They will be as confident about Tabu in Cheeni Kum and return the dish, even in the finest restaurant in town, much to everyone’s embarrassment and none to their own!

Egg Biriyani

1st stop– Biriyani
Every new city they visit, is primarily for trying out the local Biriyani and if they have some time left thereafter, then for other things like work, business, sightseeing, visiting friends and family, etc.

Come home to have Biriyani’
If they ever invite you to their place for a meal, you will know what you will be served even without them telling you beforehand! And rest assured, the Biriyani connoisseur’s biriyani is rarely likely to disappoint; at least that’s what he or she believes!

Biriyani is Ma!
A Biriyani lover will turn to Biriyani for a morale boost before a proposal, interview, wedding, skydiving (ignore the possibility of being sick), and after the accomplishment of a task to celebrate. They also turn to Biriyani to find solace in life’s turmoil and disappointments, resting their head on an empty pot of biriyani while relishing the same relegating all other troubles of life into oblivion.

All friends are Biriyani lovers
A Biriyani lover is likely to choose his or her friends among other Biriyani lovers only. This way life becomes easier. Friendship is anyway about shared passions and understanding each other’s joys and sorrows in life, isn’t it? Needless to say, the selection of a potential mate is done basis his or her attitude and aptitude in Biriyani.

Youtube—Google—Facebook activities: Biriyani recipe, Biriyani restaurant
If you check the browsing history of a Biriyani lover (not violating his right to privacy but by requesting him to show it to you for the purpose of research on Biriyani lovers), you will not be surprised by what you will find. Check youtube too if you need further validation.


A Biriyani lover’s love for biriyani is truly unconditional and does not get affected by one instance of a bad biriyani. Also, this love is not subject to the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and is never satiable!