The Science Behind ‘Puratasi Masam’

The Science Behind ‘Puratasi Masam’

It’s that time of the year again! The festive season in the Indian calendar begins with an auspiciously named Puratasi Musam. This is popularly considered to be the vegetarian season for most of South Indian Homes. Even a vast majority of the carnivorous South Indians turn into vegetarians for this month. In Tamil, this month is known as Puratasi. You won’t be mistaken should you think that people turn into vegetarians for a month due to religious reasons owing to the abundance of festivals celebrated this month.

Well, that might be one of the reasons but, there is more of a scientific reason as to why meat is not really advised to be the primary source of nutrition during this season. The rains start in Southern India and there is a sudden climate change which causes more heat than the heat caused in Summer. Many people may not know the exact science behind this, or how it affects not only their organic intake but their daily lives as well. It is believed that the digestion power of individuals is low at this time of the year and increased consumption could take a toll on our digestive system. Also, the monsoon arrives at this time of the year and brings with it probably the sickest period of the year.

Another reason is that a huge source of meat supply to the food industry comes from slaughterhouses – and these slaughterhouses cannot maintain the required level of cleanliness and hygiene during these trying times. Fish, on the other hand, is also hard to come by during this time of the year. Fishermen are continually dissuaded from going out onto open sea during the rains as they cause an uproar not only to the water level but also almost directly results in wild waves causing their ferries to topple. The lack of clean meat and overall supple of fish is also another reason why people stick to an easy and light diet. Last, but not least, it’s easy to forget that this time of the year is the breeding time for most animals that are eventually bred to be consumed. Disturbing the cycle may cause a disturbance to the ecological balance.

All in all, everybody is welcome to eat whatever they may like at whatever time they may like. This article was not to dissuade you from eating meat by any means. The purpose was purely to look into the various reasons as to why people choose to go vegetarian this month. Yes, Vegetarian is more than just a cuisine – it is a choice.

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