If you live in Chennai you know that these 6 occasions demand a Biriyani home delivery

If you live in Chennai you know that these 6 occasions demand a Biriyani home delivery

One of the major advantages of urban lifestyles is the convenience that most cities offer – the delivery of food from restaurants to your doorstep. Take Chennai for instance. From Vepery to Velachery, from Thillai Nagar to Thyagaraya Nagar, from Mylapore to Meenambakkam, there are hundreds of restaurants offering home delivery. And biryani home delivery is one of the most popular.

Biryani is an any-occasion, any-time, favourite-of-all pick for home deliveries. This one-pot delightful combination of rice, spices and meat that explodes in your mouth, filling it with delicious flavours, is satisfying to all senses, and defies expression or articulation.

Even if a restaurant does not offer the facility, there are several other service providers who’ll collect your favourite food from the restaurant of your choice and make sure you get a fresh, mouth-watering portion of your delicious selection as soon as you answer that much awaited doorbell.

There are some occasions that call for a mandatory requirement of home-delivered biryani. Though the list that follows is by no means complete or comprehensive, here are six occasions that just demand that you pick up your phone and place that delicious order of the ambrosia that’s biryani…


There is no dearth of festivals in India. And every festival involves joy, meeting up with friends and extended families, eating and feasting. And the best and stress-free way to enjoy eating is to arrange a biryani home delivery. In several homes, the family prefers the chef of the house to cook. This is fine, but does the loved chef of the house also not deserve to relax and enjoy the festivities? So at least one meal of the day should be a home delivery of steaming biryani.

Diwali, Id, Guru Nanak Jayanthi, Christmas – no matter what the festival is – in Chennai it must be a biryani festival!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries – important milestones in everyone’s lives… And in these modern times of uncertainty and fickle relationships, every birthday and anniversary is an occasion to be thankful, a reason for happiness, a celebration of life and relationships.

And what better way to mark this milestone than to order a biryani home delivery of the family’s favourite that you can enjoy in your private space – intimate, cosy and comfortable? The question is a mere rhetorical one…

Personal Celebrations

A promotion at work, the buying of a new house, the pleasure of meeting your soul mate, the recovery and return of a loved one from hospital – such happenings are all personal events that call for celebration. Whether you celebrate these by yourselves, or with other friends and family members – ordering a biryani for all to enjoy at home makes the occasion extra special. It conveys the unspoken message that the occasion is significant, and the people you’re enjoying the biryani with are special!

Weekday Delays at Work

This is a common occurrence in cities. A meeting that overruns, a missed bus or train, unexpected and unexplained traffic jams – you can identify with all these. And the best way to deal with the lack of time to put a home cooked meal on the table is to order a home delivery of biryani from your favourite restaurant. No stress, no worries – only tasteful joy!

Weekend Kitchen Closures

Everyone deserves a break from routine. Home makers and home managers also deserve a change from daily drudge. Weekends can often be a time of extra labour for them, when the rest of household is relaxing, the kitchen functions on overdrive! So an occasional kitchen closure on weekends is strongly recommended. And you don’t have to bother to dress up and go to your chosen biryani venue. Just order a biryani home delivery, and enjoy it lazily, in your pajamas!!

Simply. Just Like that!!

And hey, who says there has to be a reason or occasion to enjoy a biryani home delivery? You don’t need any excuse – order one just like that. Because you feel like it. Simply. You are not accountable to anyone for succumbing to your desire and urge. Nobody will question you, or blame you. If anything, they’ll envy you, or look for a way to join you.

So, don’t delay – your biryani door delivery is right there in your phone, in your hands!!


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