Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani: Why is it the best?

Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani: Why is it the best?

When is a restaurant dining experience a WOW inspiring one? What does one describe as a memorable restaurant experience? I’d say it is gracious service, delicious food, pleasant ambience, reasonable pricing, and most importantly – consistency in all these. And if you could throw in tradition, nutrition, years of experience, authentic cuisine, original age-old recipes – could one ask for more?

One brand, one restaurant that delivers on all these, is Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani. Brand, food, experience – they check all the boxes of wow!

Traditional, age-old signature dish


The first ever plate of Dindigul Thalappakatti biriyani was served in 1957 from the restaurant Anandha Vilas in Dindigul by Nagasamy Naidu. The recipe was his wife’s recipe. He’d sit at the cash counter, wearing his ‘thalappakatti’ (turban), and serve his popular biryani. Till 2009, the business operated with 2 branches in Dindigul, and an outlet each in Coimbatore & Batlagundu.

It was only in 2009 that the original creator’s grandson, also a Nagasamy Naidu, decided to scale up.

Dindigul Thalappakatti’s biryani is unique in two ways. Instead of the traditional basmati rice, they use a special variety of seeraga samba rice called parakkum sittu. This lends the biryani a unique flavour, and a taste that explodes and lingers on… They use Kannivedi meat, which comes from tender grass-fed goats, and has a distinct taste. They use boneless meat, which makes it a biryani that you can relish, and enjoy the flavours in uninterrupted bliss!


Freshly ground spices, tender boneless meat, seeraga samba rice – all perfectly balanced and lovingly cooked – leads to a gastronomical event that’s heavenly, and keeps you wanting more!!

And because the recipe is faithful to the original, it is consistent…

40+ Branches: Consistency in every branch

The modest, humble single outlet of Dindigul today has over 40 branches across the world, and growing. It’s now a booming business and a restaurant brand to reckon with.

What’s laudable is that expansion and growth have not in any way affected the quality and service of the restaurants. Nagasamy has a trusted, committed team that ensures the quality of both the biryani and the service.

The food is hygienically prepared in kitchens that are maintained at international standards of cleanliness. Specially imported machinery from Taiwan is used to cook the biryani to perfection. The restaurant operates from centralised kitchens in Chennai and Dindigul.

The restaurants offer a sophisticated ambience and elite experience. Each table has a designated captain, who provides personalised service to clients, treating them like royalty! Staff are handpicked after careful scrutiny and provided rigorous training.

Biryani – Not just festival food: An all-day, any time food

Dindigul Thalappakatti restaurant serves biryani all day. They acknowledge the fact that people eat biryani in the mornings, afternoons, nights, and in between! So you can walk into a branch whenever you crave biryani, and Voila! Aromatic seeraga samba rice with spices in perfect proportions, pieces of caramelised onion and tender chunks of meat, all cooked to perfection will be served up lovingly for you!

Positioned as a Family Casual Dining Restaurant


This is a restaurant where families can go with kids and enjoy authentic, rural, traditional food in air-conditioned comfort. Restaurant goers today are willing to try out new things, and have a great deal of respect for the traditional and the original. So the family’s fear that urban people might not enjoy the traditional taste of the age-old Dindigul recipe was unfounded. They just loved it, and how!

Not just Biryani

I’ve often been in situations where a couple of members in the family crave for biryani, but others want to eat something else. With Dingul Thalappakkatti restaurants, the variety offered is so great, that this is never a problem! Soups, starters, idiyappam, dosas, parathas, noodles – you get it all for those who’re looking for other than biryani food! Chicken and minced meat biriyani, varieties like Chicken 65 Biriyani, Paneer Biriyani and Mushroom Biriyani, among other options, are also available. The menu also has barbecues and other South Indian delicacies like Mutton Sukka and Karandi Omelette. So every demand of its growing clientele is catered to!

Chicken, mutton, eggs, drinks, desserts – yes, they have it all…

Vegetarian? There are choices for them too. So, it’s a one stop family dining choice!

Clever Branding to Counter ‘Me-Too’s

When Nagaswamy Naidu founded the Anandha Vilas Biryani Hotel in Dindigul, he always wore a thalappa, a traditional turban. Over the years this became synonymous with his biryani.

So when the junior Nagaswamy Naidu decided to expand the business, he decided to use his grandfather’s turbaned face as the brand logo. It was only appropriate to use it as the face of the biryani he had made famous.

Besides, the success of the Thalappakatti brand soon spawned competitors with similar-sounding names such as Thalappakaatu and Royal Thalapakattu, which could have, over time, taken away from the brand equity of the original. Nagasamy decided to take the legal route and won the rights to his brand name – Dindigul Thalappakkatti Restaurant was born!

Also at your doorstep!

In keeping with the requirement of the modern day customers, Dindigul Thalappakatti also has home delivery and online ordering options. Home deliveries form a big part of the operations – biryani delight at your doorstep!

More cities, more outlets, more awards…

The brand has aspirations of further growth. Expansion plans include other Indian cities, and other international biryani spots too. Dindigul Thalappakkatti has already won several awards, accolades and recognition, and if the trend of great quality, superb taste and stellar service continues, there definitely will be more…

And now, party halls and catering too!

Yes. Wherever space is not a constraint, Dindigul Thalappakkati restaurants are also offering party hall for you to celebrate your special occasions & events with lip-smacking food from the restaurants’ menu. And what’s more – catering services are also undertaken. So party or function at home? Look no further!

What are you waiting for?

Just go. For authentic traditionally cooked biryani, served in style in a comfortable family friendly and weather friendly environment – look no further. For a choice of dishes to satisfy every whim and taste of every member in your group, adult or child, family or friend, look no further.

Just look for that logo of the original man from Dindigul, wearing a turban and looking down at you, beckoning you from a blazing red sign which says “Dindigul Thalappakatti” in bold white, and walk in. You’ll have an unforgettable experience, and keep going back for more.

And hey, they have valet parking facilities too!